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The Satico's Story

Satico’s roots go back to 1917 when P.A. Tierno opened a luggage and leather goods store on Court Street in Binghamton, NY. In 1941, Tierno expanded his retail enterprise by selling cameras and gifts on Endicott’s Washington Ave, with his son-in-law Dominick Salamida and Jerry Colonna as a technical partner. The three gentlemen combined their last names to form SAlamida TIernoCOlonna and SATICO’s was born. After the end of WWII, the store moved a few doors down to its present location and the partnership dissolved as Dominick went to work at IBM and Jerry moved to Arizona. With P.A. Tierno at the helm and the growing popularity of the store, Tierno enlisted the help of his son, Andrew, who had just returned home from the war. Over the next 40 years, Andrew continued the Satico’s success story. Andrew was committed to keeping Satico’s family-centered and in the early 1960’s, he turned to his brother-in-law to seek help from one of his sons. Andrew employed and began mentoring his soon-to-be successor, a young Rob Salamida. In the late-1970’s, Rob purchased Satico’s and brought his own advancement, the addition of religious goods and teaching supplies. Today, Rob owns the Endicott-based store with his wife Marybeth, who manages the day-to-day operations. Together, they continue to diversify Satico’s role in the community by seeking out the newest supplies for teachers and parents, sourcing unique Celtic gifts and authentic Irish-wool sweaters and dedicated to offering the best customer service. While the items available at Satico’s may have changed over the past century, the commitment to maintaining a locally owned and operated family business, delivering great customer service, and supplying a uniquely inspiring selection of goods will always be part of the Satico’s story. 

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