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Alana Rundell

Years of Teaching:  3 Years

Grade:  2nd Grade

School:  Maine Memorial Elementary

Satico's was so helpful when decorating my classroom! When you first start teaching, you are basically left with a blank canvas of a classroom. You have lots of empty bulletin boards and wall space to fill up. As a teacher, you want your classroom to be a positive and welcoming environment, and Satico's helped me to do that. At Satico's, I was able to find different bulletin board backgrounds and borders. (I went with a rainbow theme in my classroom.) I also have seasonal bulletin boards (mostly from the Peanuts collection, because we love Snoopy) throughout the year. The bright rainbow colors just makes you feel so happy when you walk in!


I was also able to buy things to use in my classroom every day. For example, I bought Boys and Girls bathroom passes at Satico's. They are durable magnets that have lasted since I started! I also bought book pockets for students to make their lunch choices with each morning. So not only does Satico's supply the decorations, but they also have the practical classroom items!


The staff members at Satico's have also been so helpful whenever I am there. I can also ask if they are carrying a certain item or brand, and they will help me right away! Plus - becoming a rewards member has saved me so much money over the years! New teachers are estimated to spend between $500-$1000 in their first year of furnishing a classroom, and the great prices at Satico's really helped!

Alana's Satico's Classroom!

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